Bridal Cleaning

Silver Service Dry Cleaners has a sister company, Bridal Silver Service that is a specialist Dry Cleaner, restorer and preserver of bridal and evening wear.


Silver Service is an specialist dry cleaner, restorer and preserver of bridal and evening wear. Our experience in this delicate area of specialty cleaning spans well over 20 years. Sydney & Melbourne’s top designers are more than confident in recommending us to their clients as well as utilising our services for their own sample garments.


Bridal Silver Service offer a complimentary pick-up and drop off service in most of the Sydney area, including a unique honeymoon hotel pick up service. Owner Vivian Samaha says “One way we like to add value to our bridal cliental is to encourage them to pre-book a hotel pick up with us before the big day. We take care of the rest. The last thing on a bride’s mind before the wedding is what she’s going to do with her gown before she flies out to her honeymoon!
Don’t trust just any dry cleaner with your valuable and sentimental wedding gown. Bridal Silver Service has strong relationships with many of Sydney ‘s top Bridal¬†designers, and work with them to ensure your garment is in safe hands. We are also starting to broaden our relationships into the Melbourne area. Given the above, we guarantee our workmanship against your gown and ornaments.

From all the team here at Bridal Silver Service, congratulations on your marriage in advance. We hope you’ll both be as happy and in love in years to come as you are on your wedding day.